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RËVIVAL™ are a multi award winning all-singing, all-dancing ABBA tribute - a celebration of everything ABBA! a fully choreographed homage to one the greatest bands in history.
Current, consecutive and 100% Bona fide winners of the UK National Tribute Awards, RËVIVAL™ was established way back in 2008 coincidentally the same release year as Mamma Mia The Movie. To date,  ABBA Revival™ have performed over 1500 tribute shows in 48 countries and continue to make sure every party they play goes off with a bang! It's a tribute performance that comes alive with a nostalgic fun-packed musical journey through the 70's to the early 80s - delivering a musical powerhouse of a show – including all the hits such as Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Waterloo, Thank you For the Music... and so many more of those wonderfully crafted floor fillers.
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Recently penned as “The Tribute band armed with a non-stop feast of fun” the act features energetic performance with uncanny lookalikes, authentic props & instruments, premium stage lighting FX for any sized venue and beautiful genuine ABBA costume design & hairstyles – Ensuring the bands dazzling tribute will transport you back to the sights and sounds of the 1970's ABBA style!
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“Our extensive experience with our tribute show, in the UK and worldwide, peaks in first-rate entertainment fitting any demographic or event. We pride ourselves in providing a pro-level ABBA band and we believe our show's attention to detail is why we are a consecutively multi-award NTA winners year after year.”

“From casting to costume, from music to maestro, everything we do as a group we regularly monitor so you can be assured that each performance is the best it can be - and this is one of the reasons that our happy clients, of wedding celebrations to virtual live streamed events or large-scale public performances, come back to us booking our show time and time again. We believe ABBA's  music is the perfect tonic for any occasion - our show transcends all boundaries it connects with everyone and brings them together – we love it -see you down the front!”
"Such great ABBA flair, panache and wonderful vocals"
Micheal Kors - Fashion Designer
"You were fantastic, so polished and professional, everyone at my party loved it!"
Carol Vordeman - TV personality & Columnist
"A sure-fire hit... They were abbasolutley brilliant - this band is one not to be missed"
Johnnie Walker - BBC
"Incredible costumes, incredible music, incredible tribute band"
Alan Car - TV & Radio Presenter
"Not only was your tribute show fun, exciting and relevant... but you were a joy and easy to work with"
Vanity Fair Magazine
“Revival are definitely the best abba tribute out there - they’ll get you on your feet and dancing on the tables!”
Bibis Showtime UK
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What is a Tribute Act?

What is a Tribute  Act? A tribute act or band uses authentic replicas of costumes and instruments to recreate the sound, look and performance of a famous band or artist. It’s almost like stepping back in time as the tribute band can often provide a fresh authentic experience when it’s not possible to see the original act. Its a great way to add a theme to any party or celebration, whilst also offering a variety of the biggest hits that will be enjoyed by all ages

How much does it cost to Hire a tribute Band?

There are huge variations in the cost of a tribute bands based on their reputation and popularity.. Anything from £450 for a solo act and way up to and over £15,000 for a household named act or large scale event - but in most cases it is affordable.  Most tributes will employ highly qualified musicians, vocalists, production and sound/lighting engineers and the price often reflects that.

What are the formats of Tribute Bands?

As the name suggests, a tribute band will replicate the band they are portraying and use their talents and musicianship to get as close to the original artist as possible. Some tribute bands really stand out from the crowd by using look-alike vocalists and musicians, it makes the whole experience even more real!

Do Tribute Bands need permission to perform?

Tribute bands are covered under the same licensing agreements as cover bands and other live musical performers.

Do I need to provide Equipment for a Tribute Band?

For an average sized event, the band will provide their own equipment and be fully self contained. A well established band will have the experience and knowledge and potentially a higher quality sound system.

Act Experience

If you decide to book a tribute band for a ticketed event it is a good idea to go with a band who have lots of experience, well established, are in demand and preferably have a brand name people may have heard of. The more well known the tribute band is, the more tickets you are likely to sel

What happens when the band arrives at my venue?

To ensure the best show for your event it is essential that the band have time to set up and soundcheck. They will arrive at a mutually agreed time before your guests arrive to set everything up and the whole process, including soundcheck, will usually take around 60-90 minutes. It’s a good idea to ensure no members of the audience have access to the room during this time. Additionally, it is also helpful to establish the easiest route to the performance area as often much of the equipment is bulky and heavy

What equipment will a tribute band provide?

The majority of tribute bands will come equipped with everything they need to provide you with the best show possible. This will include the sound system, lighting, props, instruments and anything else that may be required on stage. Their PA system should be suitable for most private parties and weddings, up to around 150 people.
Larger scale events will usually bring in a dedicated audio/visual company who after technical discussions will be able to accommodate the sound and lighting needs of the band. Always ask if you are unsure as generally a PA can be provided for most events

How much space will a tribute band need?

It is a good idea to allow at least 1.5-2 meters per musician. Many tribute acts will have a fully choreographed routine and will need plenty of room to move around the stage. The more space they have the better it will look.
Its always a good idea to discuss staging requirements with the band if you are unsure as most bands will do their best to make it work in whatever space you have available

How long will a tribute band's performance last?

For private events and parties, the band will usually perform one 60-90 minute set or 2 x 45 minute sets depending on the structure of the evening. It is often a good idea to bring on the band later in the evening when the room is darker, everyone has loosened up and had a dance along to the DJ.

How long does it take the band to pack-down equipment?

The band will begin to pack their equipment away shortly after the show has finished and depending on the volume of equipment used, can take up to an hour.

Is there anything elser a tribute band might need?

The band will require a safe and adequate supply of power, from at least 3-4 separate sockets. An insufficient power supply can cause a whole host of problems such as the power tripping and potential damage to equipment.
The performance area should preferably be a raised stage. It is also beneficial to ensure there is no public access to the performance area, whether that is a rope cordon or a strategically placed doorman is preferable
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